Art of The Heirloom

  • Curated by Hudson Valley Seed Library.

    Gardens are unique expressions of a gardener’s hand and heirloom varieties are a reflection of the diversity of gardener’s sensibilities, palate, and notions of beauty. Art of the Heirloom is an exhibition of artists’ interpretations and contemplations of heirloom seeds and the cultural importance of preserving our collective garden heritage. Thanks to the many artists who submitted work for this year’s exhibition, the show is looking delicious! The diversity of the artwork reflects the diversity of heirloom seeds and their stories.

    In addition to the exhibit, Ken Greene, co-founder of Hudson Valley Seed Library, will be giving a presentation at the Expo about the verdant connections between art, gardening, and agriculture.

    After you visit the exhibit, if you are interested in purchasing original artworks or prints of the works, visit the Hudson Valley Seed Library booth in the vendor area.

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