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    • Adam & Paula Gaska

      Adam & Paula Gaska Organic/Biodynamic FarmerMendocino Organics

      Adam and Paula Gaska own and operate Mendocino Organics, a diversified farm in GMO-free Mendocino County. Leasing 100 tillable acres and over 1,000 acres of rangeland, they produce vegetables, grain, hay, pork, lamb, and beef for their local CSA, some retail, and restaurants in the Bay Area.

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    • Alice Doyle

      Alice Doyle Co-founderLog House Plants

      Alice Doyle is a co-founder of the Oregon wholesale nursery Log House Plants, an established trend setter renowned for excellence and innovation.

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    • Andrew Sarhanis

      Andrew Sarhanis Organic Farmer, Culinary AlchemistPhyto-Liscious Foods

      Andrew Sarhanis is a highly innovative farmer/chef and culinary alchemist offering insights into the independent totality of the web of life. He manages Phyto-Liscious Foods, a diverse and eclectic line of unique, original foods and beverages.

      More Andrew Sarhanis 

    • Astrid and Matthew Hoffman

      Astrid and Matthew Hoffman FoundersThe Living Seed Company

      Astrid and Matthew Hoffman are Founders of Living Seed Company that sources and sells seeds of heirloom edibles. Their goal is to offer the finest heirloom seeds and to teach gardeners how to save their own seeds.

      More Astrid and Matthew Hoffman 

    • Bill Whipple

      Bill Whipple Permaculturist, Grafting Specialist, Luther Burbank avatarGreen Hill Urban Farm

      Bill Whipple works his micro-nursery and urban permaculture site in Asheville NC, manages his pear orchard and genome demonstration orchard on his farm in West Virginia, teaches and consults around the regional Southeast. As a community volunteer, Bill has initiated and organized stewardship of the five edible parks in Asheville, with an emphasis on community building and out-reach to schools.

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    • Bob Cannard

      Bob Cannard Sustainable Grower and EducatorGreen String Farm

      Bob has been farming sustainably for over 30 years. He also taught horticulture at Santa Rosa Junior College for 20 years. He is a keynote speaker at industry gatherings and an Acres USA honoree. Bob co-founded Green String Farm in 2003. The farm produces vegetables and fruits and maintains a farm store year-round.

      More Bob Cannard 

    • Brad Gates

      Brad Gates Tomato GrowerWild Boar Farms

      Brad Gates has been professionally growing and breeding tomatoes for 15 years. Growing Certified Organic and based in Napa Valley, Brad takes tomatoes to new levels and produces "heirlooms of the future".

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    • Carol Chaffin Albrecht

      Carol Chaffin Albrecht Co-ownerChaffin Family Orchards

      Carol and her husband Kurt own and manage Chaffin Family Orchards. She is the third generation of her family to farm that land in California. The Albrechts grow citrus, stone fruits, pastured poultry, olives, beef cattle, meat goats, and fiber sheep with a purpose to raise healthful food and fiber in a way that gives back to the land, the eater, and the families of the ranch.

      More Carol Chaffin Albrecht 

    • Chip Morris

      Chip Morris Bean Grower & ResearcherMohr-Fry Ranches

      Kenneth "Chip" Morris farms several hundred acres of the very best and most popular heirloom bean varieties with his first cousin Jerry Fry, on a 2500-acre sixth-generation family-owned and operated ranch. Chip has also worked on dry bean research at University of California, Davis for the past 11 years.

      More Chip Morris 

    • Courtney Pineau

      Courtney Pineau Assistant DirectorNon-GMO Project

      At the Non-GMO Project, Courtney works alongside a small but mighty team to develop outreach and communications strategies that support the organization’s mission of building and protecting a non-GMO food supply.

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    • Dan Imhoff

      Dan Imhoff Co-Founder, Director, PublisherWild Farm Alliance

      Dan is the president and co-founder of Watershed Media, a non-profit publishing house based in Healdsburg, California. He is the president and a co-founder of the Wild Farm Alliance, a national organization that works to promote agriculture systems that support and accommodate wild nature.

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    • Daphne Miller

      Daphne Miller Associate Professor, Family MedicineUniversity of California, San Francisco

      Part clinician, part ecologist, and part anthropologist, Dr. Daphne Miller approaches medicine with the idea that opportunities for health and healing are found not only in the medical system but in such unexpected places as home kitchens, school gardens, spiritul centers, farms, and nature trails.

      More Daphne Miller 

    • Dave Murphy

      Dave Murphy Founder, Executive DirectorFood Democracy Now!

      Dave Murphy is the founder and executive director of Food Democracy Now!, a grassroots movement of more than 300,000 American farmers and citizens dedicated to reforming policies relating to food, agriculture and the environment. He has fought to expose the flaws of industrial agriculture and to help create a more sustainable future for rural America. His writing has appeared in The Nation, The Hill, Huffington Post and New York Times. Dave is a board member of the Iowa Organic Association.

      More Dave Murphy 

    • David Bronner

      David Bronner PresidentDr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps

      David Bronner is the president of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, grandson of the company founder. David is a major advocate for labeling GMO’s, and a prominent steward for organic and fair trade standards.

      More David Bronner 

    • Deborah Koons Garcia

      Deborah Koons Garcia FilmmakerLily Films

      Deborah Koons Garcia makes fiction, educational and documentary films. The Future of Food premiered in 2005 at Film Forum in New York City and continues to play widely all over the world. Her most recent film Symphony of the Soil premiered at The Smithsonian in March 2012.

      More Deborah Koons Garcia 

    • Donelle Simmons

      Donelle Simmons Co-Host, Farm Girls and Coordinator, Truck FarmTruck Farm

      Donelle Simmons is a garden educator and co-host of The FarmGirls Organic Gardening Radio Show in Dallas, Texas. She is the US National Coordinator for Truck Farm.

      More Donelle Simmons 

    • Elizabeth Ü

      Elizabeth Ü Executive Director, Author Finance for Food

      Elizabeth Ü is Executive Director of Finance for Food, a nonprofit that educates food-system entrepreneurs in the United States about the full range of financing options available to support them. Elizabeth has extensive experience at the intersection of sustainable food systems and social finance - helping food-based business owners identify appropriate and mission-aligned financing opportunities based on their unique situations and values.

      More Elizabeth Ü 

    • Eric Holt-Giménez

      Eric Holt-Giménez Executive DirectorFood First - Institute for Food and Development Policy

      Eric Holt-Giménez is a professor, lecturer, researcher in agroecology and political economy, food systems, hunger and social movements. He has spent thirty-five years working with farmers' movements in the Americas.

      More Eric Holt-Giménez 

    • Eric Knutzen

      Eric Knutzen Urban Homesteader, Author

      Erik Knutzen and his wife Kelly Coyne live in the heart of Los Angeles, in a little bungalow set on a 1/12 acre lot where almost all of their land is devoted to growing edible or otherwise useful plants and trees. His obsessions include bees, bikes, chickens, healthy cities, healing herbs, simple living and good food. In short, everything DIY!

      More Eric Knutzen 

    • Errol Schweizer

      Errol Schweizer Senior Global Grocery CoordinatorWhole Foods Market

      Errol Schweizer is Senior Global Grocery Coordinator for Whole Foods Market. He has dedicated his career to improving the landscape of the natural and organic food industry.

      More Errol Schweizer 

    • Fred Hoffman

      Fred Hoffman Lifetime Master Gardener, Author, Show HostUniversity of California Cooperative Extension

      Fred Hoffman is a Lifetime Master Gardener, award-winning show host, and dedicated volunteer.

      More Fred Hoffman 

    • Frederick Smith

      Frederick Smith Sustainable Food Systems Specialist

      Frederick Smith performs SBDC funded market research and consults with food entrepreneurs in business planning, modeling, and financing. He served four years as Executive Director of the Environmental Action Committee of West Marin in Point Reyes Station, CA.

      More Frederick Smith 

    • Grant Brians

      Grant Brians Farmer, OwnerHeirloom Organic Gardens

      Grant Brians and his family have been farming on the same ground near Hollister for two generations. Grant began farming organically in 1975 and has been a member of the California Certified Organic Farmers since 1976. Heirloom Organics uses a combination of organic and biodynamic practices to grow over 200 varieties of primarily open-pollinated heirloom vegetables, herbs, and fruit. His farm specializes in heirlooms, spinach, root crops, and specialty produce such as baby rainbow carrots.

      More Grant Brians 

    • Grover Stock

      Grover Stock Grower, Soil Food Web AdvisorCare Of Earth

      Grover Stock is a long time organic food forest farmer, educator, and consultant. He recently moved to Calistoga, CA to begin a Biodynamic/Permaculture education site.

      More Grover Stock 

    • Guido Frosini

      Guido Frosini OwnerTrue Grass Farms

      Guido Frosini of True Grass Farms works the land by working with it. Pioneering a new wave of stewardship, he works at balancing the natural cycles of soil and grass with the movement of cattle, pigs and all of us whose futures depend upon restoring a healthier and more sustainable relationship with our food.

      More Guido Frosini 

    • Hannah Crum

      Hannah Crum Master BrewerKombucha Kamp

      Hannah Crum is known as The Kombucha Mamma. Since 2004 she has been brewing Kombucha and educating others about its benefits. She is committed to providing the most accurate and up-to-date information to Kombucha lovers and homebrewers at any stage in their experience. In addition to teaching, she installs large-scale Kombucha setups and is Master Brewer for numerous restaurants and shops in the Los Angeles area, including Leaf Organics in Culver City and Fresh Bites in West Hollywood. She and her husband write about the Kombucha business for BevNet and Beverage Spectrum Magazine.

      More Hannah Crum 

    • Harald Hoven

      Harald Hoven Director, Raphael GardenRudolf Steiner College

      Harald Hoven is Director of Raphael Garden at the Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, teaches many of their Biodynamic farming and gardening classes, and runs the 70 member community supported agriculture farm at Raphael Garden. A Master Gardener, Harald is also Founder of the Biodynamic Association of Northern California.

      More Harald Hoven 

    • Harvindar Singh

      Harvindar Singh Local ForagerWhole Foods Market Northern California

      Harvindar Singh is the local product forager for Whole Foods Market. Harv cultivates and nourishes relationships with local food suppliers in Northern California and Reno. His mission is to help develop the next generation of local brands, to drive community awareness about the importance of supporting local sustainable food systems, and to support the growth of local food entrepreneurs including local growers and ranchers.

      More Harvindar Singh 

    • Heidi Herrmann

      Heidi Herrmann Farmer and Seaweed HarvesterStrong Arm Farm

      Heidi Herrmann is a farmer and owner of Strong Arm Farm in Healdsburg CA. Vegetables, flowers and herbs are grown on the 1.5 acre farm, and you can find her vending at the Healdsburg Farmers’ Market. She's an avid seaweed harvester, too - the only commercial seaweed harvester in Sonoma County.

      More Heidi Herrmann 

    • Ian Davidson

      Ian Davidson Director of StrategyBioLogic Systems

      Ian Davidson works as an agricultural consultant, researcher, and lecturer. He has dedicated his professional career to understanding agricultural production and food distribution systems.

      More Ian Davidson 

    • Ignacio Chapela

      Ignacio Chapela Associate Professor, Microbial EcologyUniversity of California, Berkeley

      Ignacio Chapela is a microbial ecologist and mycologist at University of California, Berkeley who has been an outspoken critic of UC's ties to the biotechnology industry.

      More Ignacio Chapela 

    • Ira Wallace

      Ira Wallace Gardener, Variety Specialist, AuthorSouthern Exposure Seed Exchange

      Ira Wallace serves on the boards of Organic Seed Alliance, the Virginia Association for Biological Farming and Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association (OSGATA). Ira is a worker/owner of Southern Exposure Seed Exchange where she coordinates variety selection and seed grower contracts. She is a Central Virginia Master Gardener.

      More Ira Wallace 

    • Irina Stonescu

      Irina Stonescu Food Researcher, Historian, Consultant

      Irina Stoenescu is a food researcher and historian who works as a consultant to private enterprise, governments and industry for agricultural development and food security programs.

      More Irina Stonescu 

    • Jeannette Beranger

      Jeannette Beranger Manager, Research and Technical ProgramsAmerican Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC)

      Jeannette is a Program Manager for American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC) with 20+ years experience working with animals. She uses her knowledge to plan and implement breed conservation programs. At home she maintains a heritage breeds farm with a focus on rare breed chickens & horses.

      More Jeannette Beranger 

    • Jeffrey Nekola

      Jeffrey Nekola Adjunct Associate Professor, BiologyUniversity of New Mexico

      Dr. Jeffrey Nekola has been a long-time archivist of heirloom vegetable cultivars, maintaining a seed bank of almost 1000 tomato, pepper, eggplant, and garlic varieties. He has been an Advisory Board member of Seed Savers Exchange since 2001.

      More Jeffrey Nekola 

    • Jeffrey Westman

      Jeffrey Westman Executive DirectorMarin Organic

      Jeffrey has over 30 years of entrepreneurial, managerial and philanthropic experience. His passions are sustainable agriculture (organic and biodynamic), education and evolved management practices; working to understand the relationship between the economic, social and spiritual aspects of organizational structure and efficiencies.

      More Jeffrey Westman 

    • Jere Gettle

      Jere Gettle OwnerBaker Creek Heirloom Seeds

      Jere is owner of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, the Petaluma Seed Bank, and Comstock, Ferre & Co in Westhersfield, Connecticut. He and his wife Emilee have authored two books, published by Hyperion. They also publish The Heirloom Gardener quarterly magazine.

      More Jere Gettle 

    • Jill Nussinow

      Jill Nussinow Registered Dietitian, Author, EducatorSanta Rosa Junior College

      Jill Nussinow, aka The Veggie Queen™ is a Registered Dietitian who has been teaching plant-based, whole foods cooking for more than 25 years. Her focus is on locally grown, sustainably produced, seasonal produce as the basis for the ideal way to eat.

      More Jill Nussinow 

    • Jim Adkins

      Jim Adkins Sustainable Poultry SpecialistSustainable Poultry Network

      For the past thirty years, Jim Adkins has raised over fifty breeds and varieties of standard bred poultry including chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys. His work has taken him to more than thirty US states, Canada, and Australia to judge standard bred poultry. Jim established the International Center for Poultry in 1992.

      More Jim Adkins 

    • John Jeavons

      John Jeavons President and Executive DirectorEcology Action

      John Jeavons is President and Director of Ecology Action, with 42 years of biologically-intensive farming experience, director of global and local education programs. He has authored or edited more than 250 “how-to” publications on biointensive sustainable growing.

      More John Jeavons 

    • John Kohler

      John Kohler Gardener and TeacherGrowing Your Greens

      John Kohler has been eating a plant strong diet since 1995, and growing edible plants for over 10 years. One of John’s goals is to educate the world about the power of growing and eating a diet rich in nutrient dense fresh fruits and vegetables.

      More John Kohler 

    • John Roulac

      John Roulac Founder and CEONutiva

      John Roulac is the Founder and CEO of Nutiva®, the world’s leading brand of organic hemp foods and coconut oil. A longtime advocate for holistic living, he is the author of four books on hemp and composting. He helped jump-start the modern home-composting movement in the 1990s, sued the U.S. DEA to keep hemp foods legal in 2001, and founded three nonprofit ecological groups.

      More John Roulac 

    • John Valenzuela

      John Valenzuela PresidentCalifornia Rare Fruit Growers

      John Valenzuela is President of Golden Gate Chapter of California Rare Fruit Growers. He is an horticulturist, consultant and educator who has returned to live in Northern California after being based in Hawaii for 15 years.

      More John Valenzuela 

    • Joseph Simcox

      Joseph Simcox Botanical ExplorerWorld Botanical Research Associates

      Joseph Simcox works as a generalist to identify the world's food plant resources and promote the use and improvement of thousands of species to ensure food security for all.

      More Joseph Simcox 

    • Kami McBride

      Kami McBride Herbalist, Educator, AuthorLiving Awareness Institute

      Kami McBride authored The Herbal Kitchen: 50 Easy-to-Find Herbs and Over 250 Recipes to Bring Lasting Health to You and Your Family. Since 1988, she has developed and taught herbal studies focused on sustainable wellness practices and revitalizing our relationship with the plant world.

      More Kami McBride 

    • Kate Frey

      Kate Frey Coordinator, Sustainable Landscape ProgramSonoma State University

      Kate Frey works as a consultant, designer and freelance writer, specializing in sustainable gardens that encourage biodiversity.

      More Kate Frey 

    • Ken Greene

      Ken Greene Founder Hudson Valley Seed Library

      Ken Greene is founder of Hudson Valley Seed Library, a project he germinated in a small town library that has now blossomed into an innovative online seed library, artisan seed company, and heirloom seed farm. The Seed Library is dedicated to producing seed for home gardeners and small farms, fostering a regional seed-saving community, and celebrating seeds through art.

      More Ken Greene 

    • Ken Roseboro

      Ken Roseboro Editor, Author, PublisherThe Organic & Non-GMO Report

      Ken Roseboro is editor and publisher of The Organic & Non-GMO Report, and of The Non-GMO Sourcebook. Ken has authored two books: (1) The Organic Food Handbook: A Consumer's Guide to Buying and Eating Organic Food, and (2) Food at Risk: Genetically Altered Foods and Your Health.

      More Ken Roseboro 

    • Kevin Feinstein

      Kevin Feinstein Gardener, Landscape Designer, Author

      Kevin Feinstein is the author of The Bay Area Forager and Crash Course in Wild Mushroom Foraging. For a decade, he has led wild food walks and taught various classes on foraging, wild plants and mushrooms, sustainable gardening, and humanity's relationship with the natural world.

      More Kevin Feinstein 

    • Len Greenwood

      Len Greenwood Teacher, Founder, DirectorMontgomery High School Green Career Pathway Program

      Len Greenwood is a founder and director of Montgomery High School Green Career Pathway, and founder and Director of the School Garden Mentor Program.

      More Len Greenwood 

    • Leslie Goldman

      Leslie Goldman Pure Food ActivistPlant Your Dream

      Plant Your Dream blogger and ceremonialist Leslie Goldman "Your Enchanted Gardener" is known for his inspired poetry and photography, and for his ability to ground intentions with heirloom seeds. Leslie will do "Master of Ceremony" work and have two “Grow A Healthier Pizza" sessions: one for adults, and one for youth.

      More Leslie Goldman 

    • Lisa Montgomery

      Lisa Montgomery Chef, Instructor, Author

      Lisa Montgomery is a certified permaculturist, herbalist, holistic health care practitioner, raw chef/instructor, and author of 6 books. She considers her most outstanding achievement to be incorporating healthy living into a busy corporate lifestyle.

      More Lisa Montgomery 

    • Lucas Oshun

      Lucas Oshun Executive Director, Co-founderGlobal Student Embassy

      Lucas Oshun is Executive Director and Co-founder of Global Student Embassy. Grateful for having had the opportunity to experience different cultures and form friendships around the world, Lucas believes strongly in providing young people with travel, cultural immersion, and grassroots organizing opportunities.

      More Lucas Oshun 

    • Luke Frey

      Luke Frey Biodynamic VintnerFrey Vineyards

      Luke Frey introduced Biodynamics to Frey Vineyards, making it the nation's first certified biodynamic winery in 1996. He maintains the biodynamic farm at the vineyard. Luke and his son Daniel care for the livestock that graze in the vineyard. Using materials from the ranch, Luke makes all of the biodynamic preparations for the farm and vineyard, giving Frey Vineyards the distinction of being one of the few wineries in California to do so. With Luke's guidance, the ranch has become a biodynamic education site that hosts workshops and conferences.

      More Luke Frey 

    • Luke Regalbuto

      Luke Regalbuto Food Preservationist, Co-founderWild West Ferments

      Luke is a food lover and preservation hobbyist with a keen interest in old methods of food preservation. He has years of exploration with fermentation. He traveled with Maggie Levinger from Ireland to Ukraine in search of traditional preservation techniques still in use. They returned home and started Wild West Ferments, a fermented food and beverage business.

      More Luke Regalbuto 

    • Mac Condill

      Mac Condill GrowerThe Great Pumpkin Patch

      Mac books countless speaking engagements, workshops and trade shows throughout the US. Mac and his family are owners of The Great Pumpkin Patch, The Homestead Bakery, and Homestead Seeds on property the family first homesteaded in 1859. He is dedicated to preserving the family tradition of preserving heirloom Cucurbit seeds.

      More Mac Condill 

    • Maggie Levinger

      Maggie Levinger Food Preservationist, Co-founderWild West Ferments

      Maggie is a food lover and preservation hobbyist with a keen interest in old methods of food preservation. She has years of exploration with fermentation. She traveled with Luke Regalbuto from Ireland to Ukraine in search of traditional preservation techniques still in use. They returned home and started Wild West Ferments, a fermented food and beverage business.

      More Maggie Levinger 

    • Mee Tracy McCormick

      Mee Tracy McCormick Autoimmune Cooking Expert, AuthorPinewood Farms

      Mee Tracy McCormick is the author of My Kitchen Cure: How I Cooked My Way Out of Chronic Autoimmune Disease and Prevented Cancer With Whole Foods and Healing Recipes. She resides on Pinewood Farms with her husband Lee R. McCormick and two small girls on their bio-dynamic farm and grass fed cattle ranch outside of Nashville, TN.

      More Mee Tracy McCormick 

    • Melanie Cheng

      Melanie Cheng FounderFarmsReach

      Established in 2007, the goal of FarmsReach is to grow networks and industry collaboration to help farms be more profitable and environmentally sustainable. Based on partnerships with nonprofit organizations, agriculture suppliers, and service providers, we are focused on the long-term viability of regional food production by facilitating connections between farmers and those who serve them.

      More Melanie Cheng 

    • Melany Vorass Herrera

      Melany Vorass Herrera Permaculturist, Environmental Policy Analyst, Author

      After 22 years as an environmental policy analyst and technical author, Melany Vorass Herrera retired to further pursue her greatest love: permaculture. In keeping with that aim, she now enjoys teaching urban foraging workshops to a wide variety of audiences in the Seattle area. She has authored a book on the subject, The Front Yard Forager.

      More Melany Vorass Herrera 

    • Pamm Larry

      Pamm Larry Northern California DirectorLabel GMOs

      Pamm Larry is the original instigator for the California Right To Know ballot initiative campaign. She is Northern California Director for Label GMOs.

      More Pamm Larry 

    • Patricia Foreman

      Patricia Foreman Author, Poultry Grower, Master Gardener

      Pat has kept poultry for over 20 years. She has owned and operated an organic farm raising free range layers, broilers and turkeys. She keeps a backyard flock of heritage chickens as garden helpers, egg suppliers and entertainers. Pat also co-hosts The Chicken Whisperer Backyard Poultry and Sustainable Lifestyles Talk Show, and is a frequent guest on other talk shows, including NPR.

      More Patricia Foreman 

    • Paul Kaiser

      Paul Kaiser Owner, FarmerSinging Frogs Farm

      Paul Kaiser is a leader in ecological agriculture who was recently recognized with an international award for his work in biodiversity and pollinator conservation on his farm, Singing Frogs Farm.

      More Paul Kaiser 

    • Philip H. Howard

      Philip H. Howard Associate Professor, Community SustainabilityMichigan State University

      Philip H. Howard's research focuses on visualizing the food system. Fewer firms are making decisions about the food we eat. Dr. Howard has illustrated these trends for industries including seeds, organic food, spinach, eggs, soft drinks, beer and wine. His work has been featured in numerous outlets such as New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Mother Earth News, and Yes! Magazine.

      More Philip H. Howard 

    • Rebecca Thistlethwaite

      Rebecca Thistlethwaite Sustainable Farming ConsultantSustainable Food Trade Association

      Rebecca Thistlethwaite has worked for over 15 years with various sustainable agriculture NGOs and managed several organic farms herself. She recently published a business guide for sustainable farmers, runs a farm business consulting firm, and is starting a new farmstead with her family in Oregon.

      More Rebecca Thistlethwaite 

    • Robert Kourik

      Robert Kourik Gardener, Landscape Designer, Author and PublisherTerraInforma Communications

      Robert Kourik received his training in the field under the auspices of the School of Hard Knocks. Robert's work has focused primarily on organic, natural, sustainable, integrated systems, permaculture, and appropriate horticulture methods. His most recent book is Roots Demystified: Change Your Gardening Habits to Help Roots Thrive.

      More Robert Kourik 

    • Scott Chaskey

      Scott Chaskey Organic Farmer, AuthorQuail Hill Farm

      Scott Chaskey is the head farmer at Quail Hill Farm, a community-supported organic community farm.

      More Scott Chaskey 

    • Shannon Carmody

      Shannon Carmody Public Programs ManagerSeed Savers Exchange

      Shannon Carmody has been at Seed Savers Exchange since 2009. As the Public Programs Manager she runs outreach and educational programming, events, tours and SSE's Annual Conference & Campout. She is also the editor of SSE's membership publication, The Heritage Farm Companion.

      More Shannon Carmody 

    • Shoshanna Easling

      Shoshanna Easling OwnerThe Bulk Herb Store

      Owner of The Bulk Herb Store, Shoshanna Easling grew up gardening with her family and has always grown medicinal and culinary herbs.

      More Shoshanna Easling 

    • Steve Peters

      Steve Peters Seed ResearcherSeed Revolution Now

      Steve manages an independent seed consulting business Seed Revolution Now, which promotes and distributes high quality public domain seed for the commercial market.

      More Steve Peters 

    • Suzanne Mackey

      Suzanne Mackey Urban Homesteader, Permaculturist

      Suzanne Mackey runs an urban permaculture food forest from which she educates children and adults. She keeps chickens, ducks, and honeybees, collects 3000 gallons of rainwater, creates our own soil amendments on-site, grows the majority of our own fruits, vegetables, and medicinals. This is all done on a 6000 square foot urban lot.

      More Suzanne Mackey 

    • Terry D'Selkie

      Terry D’Selkie Director, Garden Based Nutrition Education ProgramMendocino County Schools

      Terry d’Selkie has been harvesting, sun drying and packaging seaweed as Ocean Harvest Sea Vegetable Company since 1991. She has been teaching seaweed classes and giving seaweed talks for the past 7 years.

      More Terry D’Selkie 

    • Toby Hemenway

      Toby Hemenway Author, Biologist, and PermaculturistCenter for Pattern Literacy

      Toby Hemenway is author of Gaia's Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture, a 2011 Nautilus Book Award Gold winner, and for the last seven years the world's best-selling permaculture book. He is currently a field director at the Permaculture Institute USA. He is a writer, lecturer, and consulting biologist. His focus is on permaculture, a design approach based on ecological principles that creates sustainable landscapes, homes and communities.

      More Toby Hemenway 

    • Trathen Heckman

      Trathen Heckman Co-FounderDaily Acts Organization

      Trathen is the co-founder of Daily Acts Organization, Board President of Transition U.S., and a frontyard farmer. He educates and works with engaged citizens and leaders to provide innovative solutions, which harness the power of nature and inspire action to build leadership and local self-reliance.

      More Trathen Heckman 

    • Wendy Krupnick

      Wendy Krupnick Gardener, TeacherCommunity Alliance with Family Farmers

      Wendy Krupnick has been growing vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers for over thirty years. Wendy is involved with organizations that further sustainable agriculture. She currently teaches for SRJC's Sustainable Agriculture program. Wendy has also taught Master Gardener classes since 1992, teaches workshops on edible gardening through Santa Rosa Parks & Recreation Department, and assists home garden clients.

      More Wendy Krupnick 

    • Will Bakx

      Will Bakx Soil ScientistSonoma Compost Company

      Will Bakx started Sonoma Compost Company in 1985. He has been director of product development and soil scientist with his company since 1993.

      More Will Bakx