Thursday Speakers

  • Finley Hall E.C. Kraft Building Showcase Cafe
    11:30am Jeanette Beranger Harvindar Singh Wendy Krupnick
    American Livestock Breeds Conservancy Whole Foods Market Community Alliance with Family Farmers
    “Extraordinary Equines” “Local Forager Program” “Fall and Winter Gardening”
    12:15pm Bob Cannard Ken Roseboro Shannon Carmody
    Green String Farm The Organic & Non-GMO Report Seed Savers Exchange
    “Natural Process Farming and Gardening” “The Non-GMO Food Revolution” “Seed Saving 101″
    1:00pm Errol Schweizer Jill Nussinow Joseph Simcox
    Whole Foods Market The Veggie Queen World Botanical Research Associates
    “GMOs, Transparency and Ethical Sourcing” “Planting Seeds of Change: Starting with Your Plate” “Blow Their Minds Produce: How Innovation by Retrovation Leads to Profitable New Niche Markets for the Small Grower”
    2:00pm Janet Brown, Mickey Murch,
    Guido Frosini
    Ken Greene Kevin Feinstein
    Panel Discussion
    Moderator: Jeffrey Westman
    Hudson Valley Seed Library The Bay Area Forager
    “The Future of Organic Agriculture” “Art of the Heirloom: Seed Stories” “Foraging the Future”
    3:00pm Jere Gettle Irina Stoenescu Mee Tracy McCormick
    Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Food Researcher, Historian, Consultant Pinewood Farms
    “The Story of our Seeds: Collecting, Preserving, and Passing Them On to Future Generations” “Real Food Security: How Local Farms Saved Paris and Built New York” “Cooking to Balance the Immune System & Support the Body in Wellness”
    4:00pm Paul Kaiser Kate Frey Hannah Crum
    Singing Frog Farm Sonoma State University Kombucha Kamp
    “Science and Techniques of No-Till Agriculture” “From California to London and Saudi Arabia with Ecological/Sustainable Gardens” “Kombucha Journey”
    5:00pm William Woys Weaver Kami McBride Ian Davidson
    Food Historian, Author, Seed Saver Living Awareness Institute BioLogic Systems
    “The Mainstreaming of Heirloom Food Plants” “The Herbal Kitchen” “Soil: The Universe Below Our Feet!”
    6:00pm   Robert Kourik Donelle Simmons
      TerraInforma Communications Farm Girls
      “Daily Drip Irrigation” “Truck Farm: Growing Food in Small Places”
    7:00pm Patrick Holden
    Sustainable Food Trust
    “Building More Sustainable Food Systems: Evolution or Revolution?”
    Speakers and Times are subject to change!
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